Mania and Migraines

So yes, my moodswings have totally changed. The rapid cycling I was worrying about has finally burst through the barrier– I am completely manic. Manic. Manic. Manic.

And my fucking god the headaches, I don’t know where the headaches are coming from. They are more than headaches. They remind me of Virginia Woolf, how she had headaches so debilitating she couldn’t do more than hold her head in her hands.

It feels like an old fashioned headphone band wrapped around my head. Squeezing. It’s there constantly, maybe just lightly, threatening to return.

But last night, in a manic rage, I ripped a bunch of books to shreds. Seeing the pages fall like confetti around my room was actually very therapeutic. But the migraine set in afterward. Squeezing my head. 10mg Valium, 200mg Seroquel, 5mg Ambien, and because of this headache I could not sleep. It penetrated my dreams. My roommate woke me up at 5am to check on me, and all I could do the next three hours was lay, hold my head, and cry. I took some ibuprofen and it gave me enough relief to sleep.

But when I woke up today, my God what a fucking state I was in. You couldn’t get a full sentence out of me, my behavior was insane. Dancing and singing, but always the headache in the back of my head.

THIS IS NOT A HEADACHE. THIS IS INCAPACITATING. I plan on going to urgent care ASAP tomorrow morning. Because if this keeps up, I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ve never felt such pain in my life. What do you take for migraines? please help.

The mania doesn’t help. I’m at a loss. I don’t even know what to type…



  1. Tessa · March 5, 2015

    Sorry about the migraines. I get them, but only take regular Ibuprophen for them and close my eyes in a dark, quiet room. Hope you feel better.


    • Too Many Minds · March 5, 2015

      At urgent care they gave me a shot of Nubain, and a prescription for Butalbital– so they are completely gone. If yours continue, you should see a doctor. Taking ibuprofen too much can cause terrible side effects (trust me, I almost OD’d on it when I had shingles.) Good luck to you though


      • Tessa · March 7, 2015

        I think I took the Butalbital for quite some time. My sister gets them worse than me and she has medication for them. I try to sleep my way through it if possible. Thanks!


  2. lilypup · March 6, 2015

    I take Imitrex. But I get nausea from it. However, I’d rather barf than have a migraine. Mine usuallu burn out in two days. Good luck.


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